ok so when i say “north”, i actually just mean nottingham, sheffield & leeds because i don’t get around much. don’t tell me that nottingham isn’t north, i know it isn’t, but i needed to round this post to ten. also don’t tell me sheffield isn’t north, because then i’ll know you’re just being a filthy liar. anyway! let’s go!
*ps sorry for the poor quality photos, most of these are crappy iphone snaps taken in a 3 second hunger-driven panic. i am not a food blogger*




despite the fact they once put lime in my hendricks, which is an absolute SIN by the way, belgrave is one of my favourite bars in leeds. they have a food feast every month (which will be mentioned later on in this post), and they also have two permanent eateries – dough boys pizza, and patty smith’s burgers. dough boys almost always have one vegan option available, and if not they tend to make one for you right there and then from scratch, you just tell them your favourite toppings and you’re good to go. they don’t have any vegan cheese that i’m aware of, but honestly it tastes so damn good without. my favourite is this spicy option which is the first one i’ve tried; it has chilli beans, roasted cauliflower (it works), green chillies & some other bits that i would 10/10 recommend, except it was really spicy and i am a weak, weak bitch. first two slices are half price until 7pm sunday – thursday, and 5pm friday and saturday, which means half a pizza for around £3.50. amazing.
average you’ll spend there: £3-6 (for half a pizza, depending on if it’s happy hour)




i went to this place for my 21st birthday meal with danny and it is perfect for vegans, i wanted to order the entire menu. they have over 50 vegan options which is absolutely ridiculous for a non-vegan restaurant, especially considering it’s so tiny (there were only three tables in there), and everything we ordered was amazing. they serve everything from arancini, gnocchi, lasagne, risotto, even six different dessert options that AREN’T SORBET, including brownies, pancakes and tiramisu. i have to say the carbonara was my favourite dish though, we were super impressed with it and i am so excited for when we move to sheffield so that i genuinely can try every single thing on the menu because it’s so great, i will sing their praises every day! pretty sure they do takeaway too through their website.
average you’ll spend there: £15 (for starter & main, or main & dessert)



15122870_10154842677210967_1545288155635937020_o (1)

annie’s is a burger joint in nottingham with 30 different types of burger, all of which can be made veggie or vegan! all of them! what the heck! i love it. having eaten there as an omni, a veggie, and a vegan i can confirm they are very good at what they do, and are perfect for when you have a group of mates with mixed dietary requirements as no one will feel left out. i’ve worked my way through a decent amount of the menu and they do proper ridiculous toppings – including one burger which has a whole sunday roast popped in the bun – but my favourite is the fajita burger, which comes with guac, salsa, peppers, onions, all that good stuff. the vegan patty itself is made of beetroot i believe, and it’s sort of a hybrid between the realistic soy, meaty burgers, and a veggie patty, if that makes sense. not too realistic, but also not just an amalgamation of vegetables like you get at a lot of burger places. all the burgers come with fries, and if you know what’s good for you you’ll upgrade to curly because they are the superior fry.
average you’ll spend there: £11 (burger & fries)




nasi lemak is a malaysian street food business that are always at events in leeds, but i almost always miss them which is heartbreaking because their fried chicken has my heart. however,  i did catch them at belgrave feast last year, which is belgrave music hall’s monthly food event that i mentioned earlier. they have a few bits on their menu that sound good but the vegan version of their chicken is definitely the star of the show, it’s so crispy and savoury and amazing. it’s served with sweet potato fries, salad & sauce, and it’s good enough to warrant ordering two portions to be honest.
average you’ll spend there: £8 i think? £16 if you’re a real one.




honestly, before i was vegan or even vegetarian, i was That Bitch who had definitely eaten kebabs whilst sober. i bloody loved a kebab, and the best part about being vegan is veggie kebabs are always going to be nicer and more flavoursome, because whatever they use in regular kebabs is a sorry excuse for any kind of meat. seitan does it better! honourary mention to what the pitta in london and the common room in sheffield for also doing nice kebabs, but make no bones wins here.
i’m not entirely sure what’s going on with make no bones at the moment – i’m pretty sure they’ve relocated to oli sykes’ new venue? if, unlike me, you can be bothered to find out, then i would very much recommend going as their whole menu is great. we’ve tried their avocado wings, fried chicken, oreo donuts & this kebab, and all were definitely worth trying again. the kebab is served with garlic mayo, hot sauce, rainbow slaw & pickled onion on a fresh flatbread – i got it all over my face and loved every second of it.
average you’ll spend there: £10 (main & side)



Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 12.50.58*hot dog isn’t from wanderer, it’s from the luxury diner, which was also in trinity kitchen but is now god-knows-where.
wanderer junk food are currently (summer 2018) residing in trinity kitchen, leeds, which is the best place to eat food if you’re as indecisive as me. with rotating street food traders every 6-8 weeks, you’re never bored, and wanderer junk food are so great that they’ve been residing there for twice the amount of time that regular traders get! “dirty food with a clean conscience” is their slogan, and my way of life. with caramel biscoff waffles, kfc-style double down burgers, and barbecue ribs on the menu, i’m sure i could have found many favourites to stick on this list. alas, all i have tried so far is their tater tots, so that’s all you’re getting for now. i just think, as a business, they are definitely worth a mention here. the tater tots came loaded with jackfruit (vegan pulled pork), sriracha, gherkins, chillies, and spring onion, and i was very sad to have to share them with my sister.
average you’ll spend there: £12 (a burger and some loaded tots)



are you even from leeds if you don’t bang on about temple coffee all the time and cover your instagram with photos of their aesthetically pleasing colour scheme, glittery vegan donuts & pink drinks? for real though, temple is a very special place. it’s also home to leeds-based clothing & accessories brand red temple prayer, so you can pick up a ‘dairy free the way to be’ mug or some ‘rad dad’ socks alongside your sweet treats. trust me, they’re cooler than they sound. i don’t have a donut in particular to recommend as they’re all bangin’, but their rose milk & hazelnut ice cream float, made with northern bloc ice cream, is well good if you’re into that kinda thing.
average you’ll spend there: £7 for a donut & drink. £10 for three donuts i think, but they are huge and worth it.




don’t quote me on this but i’m pretty sure the peacock was the first pub in the uk to have a 100% vegan menu. either way, it has a vegan menu and it just so happens to be down the road from my mum’s house in nottingham so of course i ended up going like five times in one month. they sell your average pub menu – cheeseburger and chips, pies, sticky toffee pudding – but it’s all totally plant-based. the fish & chips is definitely my favourite choice on their (old) menu; it’s marinated tofu coated in seaweed, battered & deep-fried, served with tartare sauce, mushy peas, and home-made wedges. i’m not going to lie and say it tastes exactly like fish, because it doesn’t, tofu has a completely different texture to fish. however, it’s salty, crunchy and inexpensive, and it’s a very nice luxury to be able to sit in a pub environment and eat your fave food, but without the cruelty. they also do a similar dish of a fish finger sandwich, which is all the same elements but in bread – can’t complain really, the more carbs the merrier.
average you’ll spend there: £8 i guess? the first time i went i ordered a few things to share but it is absolutely not that kind of place – the portions are very big.



Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 12.52.36

yeah, this is their third mention in this piece, but stick with me here. patty smith’s has a permanent residency in belgrave, serving burgers and huge trays of session fries. their original session fries aren’t vegan friendly at all as they’re served with pancetta & cheese and stuff, but at belgrave feast a few months ago we tried the vegan version: twice cooked chips, loaded with spring onion, ginger, soy, sesame, pickled chilli, crispy seaweed, and sriracha mayo. they were incredible, like a dressed-up version of the salt & pepper chips you’d get from your local chinese. i can’t find an official menu online, but i’ve seen people posting these on instagram the past couple of weeks so i’m pretty sure they’re a permanent addition to the menu. i hope so anyway, because they’re mint.
average you’ll spend there: £5/6 for the session fries, similar price for a vegan burger i think.




i’ve never been a huge hot dog fan, vegan or otherwise, but primo’s in the corn exchange in leeds is a bit bloody nice. their garden state dog consists of a tofu sausage and three toppings of your choosing – i have only been once, but i went with guacamole, salsa & jalapenos, because they tend to be my go-to in most places. i actually don’t think they really went with the hot dog very well and i will probably choose something else next time, but i still enjoyed it and even tried american mustard for the first time! which i now absolutely love. the english give mustard such a bed rep. the hot dog came with fries and a drink as part of a meal deal, so it was pretty good value all-in, and i may be a bit of a hot dog convert now.
average you’ll spend there: £8 for the meal deal


so that’s me done! my first vegan/food post. this is definitely a *so far* list, as there are tons more vegan restaurants i’m waiting to try, and more opening up every day! plus the fact i’ve literally only included three cities here, one of which isn’t even really north. i’ll be sure to explore newcastle, liverpool etc a bit more in future, and of course all the infamous vegan places in scotland. edinburgh & glasgow won’t know what’s hit them when me and danny finally make it there.  i think in future, i’ll try to review places as and when i visit them, as most of these are at least a few months old (it’s hard to eat out when you have a little baby), but this was more of a backlog so that i can start afresh from now on. anyway i’m rambling. thanks for reading! x



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    August 19, 2018 / 9:58 am

    omg this all looks so tasty! now i just know i have to travel up north to inhale all of this food xD

    • yasminjohalx
      August 19, 2018 / 10:19 am

      haha, it’s so worth it! i can’t wait to get back down south and try all of the lovely things on offer there.

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