higgidy make quiches, pies, frittatas (all that good carby stuff) for omnivores & vegetarians alike, but unfortunately as the majority of their veggie options have feta in, there weren’t really any vegan options available. UNTIL NOW. okay, it’s only one, but it’s a really tasty one so i’ll let them off. 

their ‘sweet potato & red onion parcels’ are made with hand-folded vegan pastry, and filled with chilli-roasted sweet potato, red onion, spiced tomato & lentils, to make the most beautiful, warming little pastries you ever did see. 

sweet potato higgidy.jpeghiggidy’s whole “thing” is that you don’t need to necessarily cook an entire meal from scratch for it to be good, wholesome food, and sometimes you just want to pick up some salady bits from the morrisons counter, pop a pie in the oven, and be done with it. it’s about feeling good, not guilty, and that is something i can very much get on board with, especially now i have a baby consuming most of my time!

i love when products are versatile enough to be used in different ways, so we tried this for lunch with some giant cous cous from the freezer and a bit of hummus, but i also think it would go great with some roast potatoes, veg and gravy for a lazy sunday dinner type vibe. i loved how quick but filling the lunch option is, as i am your typical new mum who is terrible at remembering to eat during the day, until danny gets home and spends ten minutes giving me silent treatment because i forgot to look after myself. again. 

vegan higgidy .jpeg

anyway, super extra of me to have written a whole blog post about a bit of pastry, but this is just a company that i can really get behind. my only complaint would be the otherwise lack of vegan options, as they have maybe 12 vegetarian options and i think it’s a bit silly to have popped feta in all of them. a spiced aubergine pie does not need feta! other than that, lovely idea, well-executed, great for lazy mamas. and lazy students. 

priced at: £3

available at: most supermarkets!

disclaimer: i was sent these products for free, however i wasn’t asked to write this post by higgidy, i just really like the concept of lazy food that tastes good and i know you guys do too!


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