i am just going to apologise in advance for some of the photos in this post. the common room is great for a lot of things, but aesthetic lighting isn’t one of them. it’s pretty dark in there so i used flash on my camera and of course the pictures ended up coming out like those ones you get on the menu at the only chicken shop that’s open at 5am.

so, the common room in sheffield. it’s a pretty unsuspecting sports bar that happens to  serve up the fittest vegan menu, and i’ve recently come to realise that it is heavily underrated and actually not many people know about their vast vegan options, so i’m here to spread the word like the seitan angel that i am.


i’ve had many an adventure in this place. when i was 7 months pregnant i ordered a virgin strawberry mojito and they brought a definitely-not-virgin-and-actually-very-alcoholic one to the table and i “accidentally” sipped too much of it before sending it back because when you’ve gone that long without alcohol you need to take what you can get. we also came here about ten minutes after danny proposed to me. he proposed, i said yes, we got very excited and contemplated finally going to a fancy restaurant and ordering champagne, and then we saw the common room and said fuck it, let’s get a kebab.

so the options available (this is all vegan obvs) are: fried chicken, topped with either katsu, chipotle, dirty south or sriracha slaw, a fried chicken katsu burger, hail seitan beef burger, chilli nachos, chicken strips, BLT sandwich, BBQ jackfruit sandwich, donner kebab, and then tons of loaded fries options, including pizza fries, poutine, donner, jackfruit etc. the best part is, they have a £5 lunch menu with loads of these options on, so the last time we went we got a donner kebab and a burger with fries for £10. super good value for really good vegan junk food, as usually we pay £20-25 when we eat this kinda thing.


the fried chicken, named “mockin’ bird”, tastes like homemade seitan, which makes sense as that’s probably exactly what it is, but this means that it’s really quite bland by itself. i guess it’s the same as ‘regular’ chicken, in that most of the flavour comes from the crispy coating and whichever topping you choose to put on it. i’ve had it with the katsu sauce, the sriracha sauce, and as chicken tenders, and all tasted very similar, but i think i prefer the chicken tenders as the ratio of seitan:coating is better. i think i’m just very picky with my faux fried chicken as i don’t really get the temple of seitan hype either, but danny loves the chicken here which is why i’ve tried it so many times. it’s definitely worth trying at least once, but it’s not my favourite thing on the menu.


my favourite thing on the menu, obviously, is the kebab because i am a disgusting human being. like i said, just after danny had asked me to marry him we came here and saw that they had a special that week which was donner kebab on chips with chilli sauce and garlic mayo and i felt like i had died and gone to heaven. what a fucking beautiful day i was having! luckily it’s now a permanent addition to the menu, so i got it in the flatbread last time we went there and it was just as amazing as i had remembered. by amazing i mean it pretty much tastes like most kebabs but i’m just so mindblown that it’s vegan?? i guess “normal” kebabs are made with god knows what, and all the flavour is from the spices and sauces so it makes sense that this is like, the best kebab i’ve ever had, but yes 10/10 recommend and it only costs a fiver! i am the common room’s own personal cheerleader and i don’t even care.


the only thing we hadn’t tried (other than the jackfruit but i’m not the hugest barbecue fan) was the ‘hail seitan’ burger, which i think is made with mushroom and obvs seitan, so we ordered that last time we went and it was so lush! i had totally ignored it for the first million visits because it just seemed a bit boring, but i realise now that i’m an asshat and had been missing out on one of the nicest vegan cheeseburgers i’ve ever had. you could tell it was made with mushrooms but i mean that in a good way because i’m a total slut for mushrooms.


also, food aside, (lol when is food ever aside), as previously mentioned this place is a sports bar. so they have pool tables, table football, sports screens, those quiz boxes which me and danny scream at when we’ve had half a cocktail… it’s just a really decent place to hang out in general, with good cheap vegan food, lovely cocktails, and at least some kind of craft beer selection i’m guessing because danny always seems happy. definitely check it out if you’re ever in sheffield!

thanks 4 reading x

disclaimer: can you believe i don’t even have to do one because i paid for all this food and then chose to write this review out of my own pure love for this place? need to step up my blogging game x



    • yasminjohalx
      October 11, 2018 / 12:31 pm

      yes!! definitely do it, it’s well good x

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