Last week I got invited to my first bloggers event, and in true Yasmin style it was for the launch of a Gin Club, which meant I got to spend my evening drinking gin & tonic and making new pals at a fancy casino. Blogging is the actual dream, isn’t it?


The Fever-Tree sponsored event was held in the Curve bar of Victoria Gate Casino in Leeds, as that is where the brand new menu comprising of 19 top gins will be on offer. I was pretty overwhelmed when I first walked in as the casino itself is huge, plus silly old me forgot her ID and was almost turned away entirely before I played the “excuse me I am a fancy blogger here for an intimate event” card and got escorted up to the bar. I met Ellie, the beautiful PR girl for MacComms, and she welcomed me to the event, giving me a goody bag which had some lovely bits in including bottles of tonic, chocolates, bottle openers etc. There were only two other bloggers there, which I now understand is not the norm for events usually – I was seriously confused looking at all the romantic couples and groups of friends not knowing whether or not to introduce myself! So glad I didn’t, I’m cringing just thinking about it.


The event was led by Lindsay, the rep from Fever-Tree, who knew so much about gin it was overwhelming! I’m aware that’s literally her job so maybe I’m easily impressed, but I thought it was pretty cool how in depth she went into the history of gin, and how she knew the backstory of lots of local gin distilleries and such. I get bored easily, but talk about alcohol and you’ll have me engaged for hours! While she was chatting away, we were being served various gins from the new menu, each paired with a tonic that best complements in, and the garnish which brings out it’s optimum flavour.


With each gin that was poured, it was suggested that we try the gin by itself first, then with the tonic, and lastly with the garnish added too. I’m not going to lie, I thought all four were kind of horrific without tonic. But I also feel like my wild teenage days weren’t too long ago, and so any spirit by itself will forever remind me of shotting cheap vodka in Key Club. I’m sure these gins were beautiful, but my immature palette wasn’t letting me taste that. With the tonics however, I loved each and every one. One of the other bloggers, Tina, didn’t like tonic, so she didn’t actually drink any of hers, therefore it was my job to finish both our drinks every round. Hard work but someone’s gotta do it.


The first one we tried was Lone Wolf gin, paired with Indian Fever-Tree tonic. This was actually my least favourite pairing, but I’m unsure if that’s because the tonic wasn’t very exciting, or if it’s the gin itself. I enjoyed it at the time, but once I had tried the other three it just didn’t really compare. Next we had a Brockmans gin paired with Elderflower Tonic – if you know me, you’ll know I’m always all about elderflower with gin, so as much as I liked this one, it wasn’t anything new for me personally but it was really lovely. We were then given King Of Soho gin with Aromatic Tonic, which was by far my favourite. Someone please remind me to always ask for this tonic at the bar! It is perfect. I was trying to take notes at each point so I knew what to look for in the future, as I am normally super overwhelmed by a gin menu and end up ordering Hendricks every time. King Of Soho was an “authentic London dry gin” so I’ll be sure to try and at least find something similar next time. Lastly, we had a gin that I can’t for the life of me remember the name of, despite scanning the menu five times. Sorry. It was paired with Ginger Ale Fever-Tree though, and I didn’t think I liked ginger ale so it was definitely a pleasant surprise that I found this one my second favourite. It was so lovely! I drank two and then I’m pretty sure I snooped out the third blogger, Lucy’s, as well, as by this point I was pretty tipsy and doing that terrible drink swiping thing that I haven’t seemed to grow out of yet.


I had a really lovely night – I don’t know if it was the company, the endless supply of gin, or the excitement of being at my first event, or maybe just the buzz you get when you’re a new mum and you go out without your baby! I’m so glad I went despite my prior anxiety of being out without my safety blanket (Danny), it was really cool going to a bar I wouldn’t usually go to and actually didn’t even know existed. I don’t gamble so you wouldn’t usually find me hanging around a casino, but the gin club is incredible and I’m genuinely already itching to go back and try some more!


Disclaimer: I was invited to this event with MacComms to try the new Gin Club, however all opinions are my own!


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