The other day I was invited by the wonderful Sophie Mei from Blog Up North to join her and her mother at Hotter Shoes in Leeds, to have a look at their latest autumn releases, and see what the brand is really about.

Hotter aren’t the kind of thing I normally go for – mostly because I literally never buy new shoes. In the past 3 years I’ve bought four pairs of footwear, all of which are VANS or Nike trainers. I tell myself they’re comfy and they go with everything – they don’t, at all, I’m just too lazy to style an outfit.


Regardless, I jumped at the chance to branch out and experience a brand slightly outside of my comfort zone, especially as I have only ever heard good things about their shoes. We were welcomed into the shop by Rik and Michelle, who were both so helpful and absolutely lovely; Michelle in particular took a shine to Remy and made me feel much better about the fact I had bought my shouty 7 month old along to a “work” thing.


Rik showed us some of their most popular items, as well as their newest Autumn additions, and I was already mentally taking note of their lace-up boots, specifically the Mist and Rutland GORE-TEX ones because I’m a sucker for walking boots in everyday wear. Unfortunately, when it came to trying on some of the shoes, they didn’t have any of these boots in my size instore (they were available online, but the idea was that we would pick up a pair that day).


Other than that, their stock instore really surprised me in the best kind of way. Sophie has wide feet, so obviously needs wide-fit shoes, and Rik was bringing up endless different pairs in different styles that all fit her pretty much perfectly. I know when I had wider feet when I was younger, I found it a bit of a struggle to come across shoes that actually fit me so easily, so this was really nice to see! In addition to that, there were five or six pairs that he managed to find for me to try on too, which is no easy feat (ayyyy) when you’re a size 9. It’s almost a shame that I’m so excited by this, but honestly most shops don’t accomodate my feet instore, and I end up feeling low-key ashamed when I have to hunt out special shoes online to fit my feet – they aren’t even that big! Okay they are but still, Topshop and the likes need to fix up and stock more sizes for us akin to Bigfoot.


All of the shoes I tried on were super comfortable – some genuinely felt like slippers, they were so soft and cosy! I ended up going for some Black Pixie Boots  and a Maroon Elsie Shoulder Bag, both of which are set to be firm staples in my Autumn wardrobe for the year.


I was overall super impressed with pretty much everything about my visit – the customer service in particular was great, they really went above and beyond for all three of us! I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone a bit and went along, I wouldn’t necessarily say they’re my new favourite brand, but I definitely think at least one pair of Hotter shoes is needed in every wardrobe – they’re so damn comfy I don’t think I could fault them.


Disclaimer: I was invited to the store and given a complimentary bag & pair of shoes, however all opinions are my own! 


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