So, I guess this is the first of my wedding posts! When we got in engaged in April, I promised myself I wouldn’t so much as think about the wedding until I’ve graduated uni next July, but, we all knew that wasn’t going to be the case. It is impossible to not see photos on Instagram and Pinterest, and take little snippets of other peoples’ weddings to incorporate into your own.
However, it’s not the venue, or the food, or the music (actually, it is the music too. More on that later!) that’s occupying my mind at the moment – it’s the dress. The shoes. The accessories. Of course it is! Fuck everything else, I want to look like a goddamn princess.

And so without further ado, I introduce to you my current dreamy plans for my wedding outfit. Obviously, I don’t plan to actually wear all of these things together – I am aware that the long decorative veil I chose will clash with the dress, which will also look wrong with the jacket etc. These are just all the bits I’ve seen separately and thought Christ, I need to buy that for my wedding. 


THE SHOES: Ivory Lace and Leather Vintage Mary Jane, Lace & Favour

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 21.16.47

As you might have realised, this post is in collaboration with Lace & Favour so I do actually own these shoes now. And they are just as beautiful in person as in photos! I thought I wouldn’t ever care about my wedding shoes because you would hardly see them under the dress, but that was clearly because I hadn’t laid eyes on these yet. They’re fucking gorgeous. I honestly stopped scrolling when I saw them because I knew I wouldn’t find anything I wanted more. The embossed satin, hint of silver glitter, and ivory ribbon tie make them super feminine, and genuinely manage to make my clumsy size 9 feet look, dare I say it, somewhat beautiful.


THE MAKEUP: Less traditional, more festival

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 21.33.15.png

I know the whole “wedding thing” is to have a really natural, fresh-faced glow, but that is incredibly Not Me. I’m one of those people who do their makeup natural for once, think it looks great up close in the mirror, and then go out in public and get asked if I’m sick, or catch sight of my reflection in a shop window and audibly gasp at how I somehow look actually dead. So it’s safe to say I’m not a natural gal. I’m actually a huge fan of a full face of makeup on your wedding day – I don’t know if I want to go full on Instagram Kardashian but I’m thinking dark lipstick or bright eyeshadow, or both! Something a little bit different for sure. I love how Sophie Hannah had glittery eyes and blue lipstick so I’m taking that as a little bit of inspiration.


THE HAIR: Pastel pink & wavy

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 21.36.45.png

Zoe London’s wedding hair is my all-time dream hair. Not just for a wedding, but in general, this is the exact hair colour I have wanted since I was about 7 years old. I am so eternally jealous, and vow to take this photo to every salon in the country until one of them can turn my hair this exact shade because it is perfect.
I know I definitely want to have my hair down on the day, I’m not the biggest fan of a wedding bun, plus when I tie my hair up for five minutes I not only look like Miss Trunchbull but I also get the strongest headache known to man, so it’s an all round hard pass from me.


THE DRESS: Amelia, Savin London


This dress. This is the dress. I never thought I could fancy an item of clothing this much but it honestly takes my breath away, it’s so bloody beautiful. I’m fully aware that I will never wear a dress like this in this lifetime, but a girl can dream, and also spend every waking moment checking to see if someone is selling theirs secondhand. I definitely want something vintage and lacy, and goddammit, exactly like this. All I know is I’ve strongly disliked 95% of the wedding dresses I’ve seen in my life, so when I fall in love this hard, it’s difficult to let it go. I love you, Amelia.


VEIL: Crown & Glory x Rock and Roll Bride

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 21.03.57

This was a bit of a plot twist for me because I have always been relatively anti-veil. I don’t think they look that great, and they just seem like a bit of a faff in general to be honest. But then I saw this gorgeous photo on Instagram and almost cried a bit, so now I’ve decided if I get a more plain dress, I am 100% dressing it up with a floral veil like this, it looks drop dead beaauuutiful.


JACKET: Isolated Heroes

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 21.36.28

I don’t know if this whole personalised jacket over a wedding dress thing is new, or if it’s just that I’m very new to the wedding blogging scene.. probably the latter. Either way, I feel like it’s all I see at the moment, which is definitely not a bad thing. I’m pretty sure all of my favourite weddings have featured jackets similar to this, and I bloody love ’em. Whether Danny likes it or not, I am definitely ordering us some matching hand-painted ones – maybe faux leather or denim.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 21.36.06.png

So, those are my dream wedding items of clothing / accessories! I genuinely really didn’t think I would care so much about how I looked on my wedding day, but the more I come across photos of other bloggers weddings, the more I fall in love with all these different aspects and dream of my own day.
This post is in collaboration with Lace & Favour, who are the UK’s leading supplier of bridal accessories. They sell tiaras, hair flowers, all types of jewellery, veils, shoes – you name it, they have it. And it is honestly all absolutely gorgeous, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy the majority of my wedding attire from them at all.


Disclaimer: I was sent a pair of Lace & Favour shoes of my choice in return for featuring them in a blog post. All opinions are honest, and my own x


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