Before anyone yells at me, let it be known that I am more than aware that a bath bomb can’t cure bad mental health. If it could, I’d be buying shares in LUSH as we speak. However, there are certain ingredients that can make you feel more chilled out and calm, plus a bath is always an amazing excuse to relax. Half an hour in the bathroom by myself, immersed in water so hot it could burn me, with a bath bomb and new lavender body wash in my hands, and I am a new woman. My head is still a bit messy, but I smell good, so it’s fine.

Recently, I had a bout of Very Bad Anxiety. I say recently, it’s actually still going on. About four days into this breakdown, my beautiful boyfriend Danny, bless his heart, came home from work with a bag full of LUSH products that he had spent his birthday money on, because he is the sweetest man in the world and I do not deserve him in the slightest. Thought I’d do a little debrief of what exactly he bought, and why these products in particular are a little bit better than your average bath bomb for relaxation and chill.





This is actually the third or fourth time we’ve repurchased Therapy, the first being last summer when I was suffering with morning sickness (that I didn’t know was morning sickness), and Danny was giving me daily massages. It’s made with cocoa and shea butter, as well as sweet wild orange oil, so it smells like chocolate orange and I want to simultaneously eat it and rub it all over my body at once. The neroli apparently increases serotonin levels in the brain, and it also contains lavender oil to relax the mind, while the orange is supposed to brighten your mood. Also, the fact it’s used during a massage is obviously more than enough reason to get you totally zen and feeling amazing.




This mauve coloured bath bomb is one of my all time favourites – the colour, for one, is totally relaxing. It turns the bath water a shimmering deep purple, which always makes me feel really calm, and the fragrance itself has been designed to help you sleep. They use lavender, which is soothing and mind-clearing, and often used in aromatherapy to aid restful sleep, alongsize benzoin and tonka, which are set to smell like vanilla caramel heaven.




I’m very new to jelly bombs, with this actually being my first one, and I’ve heard mixed reviews. They’re exactly what they say on the tin – bath bombs with jelly inside, which sounds cool but after checking out the LUSH website, it seems a few people have trouble getting the jelly out of their bath once they’re done with it. However, said jelly helps to make the skin soft and feel beautiful, so I’m more than willing to give it a go.
The Big Sleep in particular is perfect for helping to catch up on sleep (obviously); it’s crammed with chamomile and lavender to calm your skin and your mood, with that caramel-sweet tonka scent once again making it an even dreamier experience.




Wash cards are the perfect way to try out LUSH’s new perfumes at the teeniest fraction of the price. A wash card is £2 and can be used multiple times, whereas LUSH’s fragrances average at around £60. Obviously their bottled fragrances last a super long time, but if like me you don’t have that kind of money upfront, this is a great way to try out different scents, see what you like, and do it all on a budget! Danny got me What would love do? which is a sweet tangerine fragrance that I absolutely adore – citrus aromas are always my go-to, with LUSH’s “Dads Garden Lemon Tree” body spray normally being my favourite. He also bought me Vanillary, which as you might expect, is a sweet, warm vanilla fragrance, with just a hint of jasmine. Not sure how many washes these are supposed to last but I’m excited to try them out!




Another cocoa butter / ylang ylang contraption, this smells sweet and chocolatey and gorgeous, I cannot wait to hop into a bath with this. I have heard it’s a bit slippery but honestly it smells so damn good I won’t even mind. The ylang ylang is supposed to give off a bit of a comforting/reassuring feel, and I think the cocoa scent will make me feel well cosy before bedtime.




I have heard good things about this scent at LUSH for bloody aaages now. I think they have a few variations of this, maybe a body wash and a lotion? Either way, it comes highly recommended! Most of the products I’ve featured in this post have similar ingredients to aid relaxation, so I won’t bore you with what each one does again, but Sleepy consists of oat, lavender flower extract, ylang ylang oil, and tonka absolute, so it’s once again a sweet, sleepy, relaxing, comforting product, but I love that it’s in shower gel format because if I shower with this, hopefully the scent will stick for a good few hours and make me feel super chill and calm all day/night.

If you have any other LUSH recommendations, for relaxing or otherwise, let me know in the comments! What are your go-to’s?



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