Subscription boxes have always intrigued me; even ones where I don’t care much for the contents, like gaming or comics, I still find it really cool that you can get this little box of presents delivered to your door every month. I think it’s the same obsession with the post that I’ve had since I was little. I used to be so jealous of my Mum & Dad for the endless letters they’d receive, while they rolled their eyes at each other because what I was getting jealous of were bank statements and electricity bills.


Anyway, other than various vegan snack boxes which tend to catch my eye, I’ve never felt the need to actually order one myself, until I saw an advert on Instagram for ILoveGin. Those targeted adverts are getting real good these days. Four gin & tonics delivered to your door every month? Where do I sign up?! I was actually very cheeky and sent them an email asking to do a little collaboration, to which they kindly agreed, so I’ll be very transparent now and say I did get sent this box to try for free, however I didn’t get paid to shout about it to everyone and their nan – I’m doing that off my own back because I love this idea so much. 


So, in your monthly box, you get 2 gins and 2 tonics that perfectly complement the gin, which makes 4 G&T’s in total (or 2 big ones if you’re me). I love that they match the mixer to the gin for you, because as mentioned before, I love trying new brands but I’m never sure which tonic flavour would accompany each gin the best.

The box also comes with a little recipe booklet, complete with the backstory of each bottle, and what the perfect serve/garnish is. Nothing too fancy – all I was advised to garnish with this month was grapefruit peel, fresh mint, a lime wedge, or orange peel. We usually have some kind of citrus fruit in the house anyway so with garnishes I tend to just go with what we’ve got rather than buying things especially for my drinks.


The month we received the Aromatic Autumn box, with my first drink being a Pink Pepper Gin paired with Fever Tree’s Aromatic Tonic. I thought this would have a bit of a kick due to the pink peppercorns, but the spice was pretty subtle and balanced well with a vanilla flavour. The tonic took over a little bit due to the bitterness of the orange, but this is my favourite flavour of tonic so I was absolutely loving it regardless.
The second drink I got this month was the Aber Falls Welsh Dry Gin, served with Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic. This reminded me more of the kind of thing I would usually order at a bar when the gin menu makes me feel overwhelmed. Not in a bad way, I think it’s mostly due to the elderflower as I’ve definitely overdone it with that flavour over the years. This definitely tasted like a safe bet G&T, in the best kind of way.


The monthly cost is £14 including delivery, which is pretty generous if you work it out as £3.50 per drink. For me, it’s totally worth it as I love being a bit adventurous and trying new gins, but committing to a whole bottle before you’ve tried it is always a bit risky, so I love that this subscription can introduce me to new gins, in the way they’re supposed to be consumed, so I can decide for myself which ones I will be repurchasing.


Some little additional things I also love:
You can also pause, skip or cancel your membership at any time, so there’s no weird contracts or commitment or anything like that.
You get a £5 gin voucher in your box to use as discount off a full bottle if you like, which I didn’t realise until my subscription arrived and it was a very welcome gesture!

All in all, I’d say my first subscription box was an absolute success, and I’m all on board with the idea – can’t wait to try more in the future 🙂




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