Recipe boxes kicked off a year or two ago with the likes of popular brands Hello Fresh and Gousto, but unlike most trends, they haven’t now died a painful death – instead, they’re thriving, and for good reason. They’re great for getting you back into the routine of cooking if you’ve had a few months out (hello new parents, I know the struggle). Alternatively, if you’ve never been much of a chef in the kitchen, they’re very ideal for getting you started as they lay out the recipe for you and provide you with all the ingredients, so you *pretty much* can’t go wrong (I’m looking at you, students!)


The main reason I personally like them, is the convenience and lack of waste. I always tell myself I want to branch out and cook something new, but then find that the recipe call for a thousand different sauces and spices that I don’t have, and probably won’t use again by the expiry date. It’s very inconvenient buying ingredients just for one recipe, and then wasting the rest of the bottle/packet because you don’t know how to use it up.
Recipe boxes like this one from Riverford Organic Farmers, ensure that you only receive the amount of an ingredient that you need for the recipe – no more, no less. Perfect!


The Company

Riverford Farms are a bunch of really lovely folk, who clearly make a lot of effort in creating interesting, flavoursome dishes for all dietary requirements. Also, I got a phone call in advance of my delivery to let me know the driver would arrive early in the morning, therefore asking if I would be awake as they wouldn’t want to disturb my sleep. Is that not the cutest thing? The little things impress me.


The Variety

They have vegan, vegetarian and omnivore options, seperated into simple or more elaborate recipes, designed to match whatever you’re after. We got one simple vegan which took 30 minutes, and one foodie vegan which took 60 minutes. I would usually turn my nose up at spending 60 entire minutes in the kitchen, but me and Danny cooked that one together and it was actually a really nice activity to do as a couple – look at Riverford, bringing us closer together! I’m only being semi-sarcastic, it was honestly really fun. One of the main reasons I have never tried a recipe box before despite being a fan of the concept, is that they rarely put much effort into the non-meat options, but Riverford were really good at that. I’ve just had a peek at their options for this week too, and they currently have Squash, Mushroom, Sage & Walnut Pasta and Indian Masala Carrot & Coconut Lentils – do they not sound amazing?! Vegetarian options currently include Roast Cauliflower Jambalaya and Roast Squash, Kale and Rosemary Chilli. All things I have never cooked before, or even thought of cooking! So impressed with the creativity of dishes, honestly.


First Impressions

I got overly excited when this box arrived – food in general tends to excite me, but I was also really hyped to cook brand new dishes when I saw all the fresh, organic veggies. It was packaged in a big cardboard box, with information on where to leave the box so they could pick it up and reuse it afterwards. It also came with a guide on how to prepare and store all vegetables (not just the ones in that particular box) which I’ve kept as it’s really useful for when buying at markets etc as things don’t tend to have expiry dates.
The recipes I had been given were for Miso Glazed Aubergine & Coconut Rice, and Mushroom & Pesto Tossed Lasagne. 


The Cooking

Danny hates anything coconut-related, so I cooked the Miso Glazed Aubergine & Coconut Rice for myself, as that was the 30 minute dish. It was so quick and easy to do, but definitely something I wouldn’t have cooked without using this box as so many of the ingredients were not things we’d usually buy. I love that they added garnishes in the box too, like coconut flakes and coriander to make it look pretty – things like that add such a nice touch to a meal!


As I mentioned earlier, we made the Tossed Lasagne together, and it was really fun and lovely to be able to cook something new together. We don’t usually get time to cook together really, as one of us is usually watching Remy or exercising or something, but I’d definitely recommend it as a micro-date! Moments like that are appreciated so much more when you’re busy parents.


The Verdict

If you couldn’t tell already, I am a very big fan. I’d honestly recommend this box to anyone who lives in Yorkshire! I don’t usually buy organic vegetables, mostly because of the price sticker – being a student mum, unfortunately budget plays into most things these days! As a little treat though, I think we’ll order these boxes once a month or so, I really enjoyed cooking and trying new dishes, and I can now incorporate them into our general meal plans too. If you want to give it a try, you can visit their website here:

Disclaimer: I was kindly given this box by Riverford in exchange for an honest review. All (excited) words are my own, and that!




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