AngelCare Bath Support Seat – £20.99


I’ve gushed over this bath seat on numerous occasions, but it’s all completely justified. We would have been completely lost without this thing, I would pay triple the price to get this again next time! But I’m glad I don’t have to.
Remy hated baths for the first few weeks, but once we bought this he adored them, and I honestly think if we hadn’t invested in this when we did, he wouldn’t be the water baby he is now. He actually loved it so much, that he spent most of his days sitting in it, when we weren’t feeding or cuddling or playing with him… okay, so he didn’t spend that long sitting in it then. But due to the curve in the seat, leading it to resemble a similar shape as his car seat which he also loved, he would always be leaning back in it and just watching everyone else in the room exist. It was perfect before he could sit up of his own accord, as it meant he wasn’t lying down all the time, and we didn’t have to constantly pick him up. This is definitely going to be my go-to baby shower present for years to come!


Nappy Bag Wallet Organiser, Niamh’s Neverland – £15-20

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 14.56.48.png

These are an absolute godsend. I’m guessing other brands also sell these, but I hadn’t heard of them until I came across this brand in particular, plus I’m obsessed with the fox print so wouldn’t go elsewhere.
These nappy wallets are the ideal size for fitting 2-3 nappies, a packet of wipes, and some Sudocrem or whatever else you find essential for baby changing. Nappy bags too, perhaps! In the first few months when your little one is pooping pretty much constantly, including in public when you’re trying to enjoy your cake in a tiny coffee shop, it’s never nice to have to lug your entire changing bag across the cafe and into the bathroom. Or having to fuss around, unable to find your wipes or a nappy in your giant Mary Poppins-esque shopper. So having everything in one handy little pouch was perfect for me personally – I know a lot of people by specific changing bags with side pockets etc for things like this, so if that’s the case for you then this probably isn’t needed! But I tend to just use my regular bag as a changing bag so this was really helpful.
I’m actually doing a giveaway to win one of these on my Instagram until November 20th, so be quick if you want to get involved in that!


Ewan The Dream Sheep – £30


You already know who it is. This bloody sheep haunts my dreams; by the time we were done with him (at around 3/4 months) his fur was matted, his batteries were falling out, and he smelt like very questionable baby vomit. But, I think he might have been a lifesaver. We’ll never really know if Remy’s amazing sleep pattern was due to this little toy, or if we were just blessed with a good sleeper, but for the sake of being able to offer tips: get this sheep. Ewan is a cuddly toy that glows red (not as ominous as it sounds), and makes womb & heartbeat noises to make newborn babies feel safe and protected. Adorable! It also plays a little song too, but we mostly used the womb noise because Remy reacted to that one the best. We used to attach it to the side of his moses basket so that he felt relaxed during his day time naps, as he’d be napping in the living room and we’ll be damned if we were going to turn the TV down just so he could have a good sleep.


Fisher Price Rainforest Gym – £50

Okay, it doesn’t have to be this one in particular, but I would definitely recommend a play mat / activity gym of some variety. Knowing us, we probably got this one because it was on sale or something, but we really love it and so does Remy. In fact, we’ve only just gotten rid of it now that he’s 8 months because it’s no match for his speedy butt when he’s crawling.
I think this was actually the reason he started rolling over so early on, and he just generally really enjoyed tummy time where I know a lot of babies don’t get on with it at all. You can probably find a cheaper version, similarly, a more luxurious fancy version if that’s what you wish, but this one is a nice middle of the road, gets the job done, play gym!


ABC Mothercare Walker – £40


We got this when he was 5 months old so I’m only just squeezing it in at the end here, but this is one of the most valuable ways you can spend £40 on your baby. This walker is incredible! Remy has had pretty strong legs since day one, and has always wanted to stand up, so this made him able to do that before he was able to do that.. if you get me.
He loves scooting around in this, and I think it’s really helped his ability to know that you put one foot in front of another in order to transport somewhere – he’s now 8 months old and very close to walking without any help.
And most importantly (lol), it gave me and Danny a break! We just popped Remy in there and he would go about his own business, walk around the kitchen, play with the toys on the front, and just generally be out of harms way. Would definitely recommend.


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