Slipknot – All Out Life


There was definitely a point last year when I was convinced that new Slipknot music would be a flop. This is, most definitely, not a flop. It goes hard; I am relatively fussy with metal as it’s not my favourite genre, but Slipknot always smash it. ‘All Out Life’ is like old school Iowa, but more refined. You can tell they’re a much bigger band now, but their sound has not been toned down at all, and I am so glad they’ve gone back to their roots a little more.


Bring Me The Horizon – Wonderful Life

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You can stop pretending you hate this song because it’s “too soft” now. You’re allowed to like nice things, Connor. You can definitely tell this song was originally written for Limp Bizkit because the lyrics are fucking awful (is that ‘the point’?), but it’s a bop regardless. I don’t really know how or where it’s going to fit on the new album, unless they’ve gone in a bit of an odd direction, but in general I am incredibly into it and I love the completely unnecessary Dani Filth feature too. I may have gotten rid of my dreadlocks but I clearly never truly grew out of my nu-metal phase.


Maisie Peters – You To You


At almost every stage in my life, there is at least one female pop songwriter that I am completely obsessed with, and for the past 3 or 4 years that has been Maisie Peters! Her voice is so unique and filled with charm, and her lyrics and songwriting are impeccable; they have me feeling nostalgic for things I’ve not even been through. ‘You To You’ is the old school Lily Allen-esque song that 2018 pop desperately needed and I am not ashamed that it will almost definitely be right at the top of my Spotify listening roundup this year.


Ariana Grande – Thank U Next


I’m not writing much about this one because you’ve heard it all before, but as someone who doesn’t usually like Ariana’s music, she definitely got me this time. I listened to ‘Thank U, Next’ once, didn’t understand the hype, and then found it stuck in my head every time I saw that bloody meme. It’s always the memes.



This is the first music-related post I’ve done, but let me know if it’s something you’d like more of! Music is quite a big part of my life but weirdly I never really talk about it online so it might be a cool thing to feature more of.


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