Holy Mountain Kitchen is a self proclaimed “Mexican (sort of) junk food (sort of)” pop-up currently residing in The East Village Bar in Hyde Park, Leeds.


East Village used to be my absolute favourite cocktail bar when I was living in that area; there isn’t really anything else like it locally, and the Happy Hour is a fairly generous few hours where drinks are two for a tenner, which is really mint considering how good quality all the cocktails are. The vibe in there has always been really chill and chatty – me and Danny actually met there, and ended up befriending some strangers on our first date too. The only fault with it really, is that due to being in Hyde Park, the only food you could get in walking radius was dodgy takeaways, or a meal deal from Sainsbury’s… in fact, as I’m writing this, I have horrified vague recollections of them actually having a hot dog machine in the bar? Grim. My point is, they now have Holy Mountain Kitchen serving up food in the basement and it’s a really fucking cool addition that raises the bar to a 10/10. By bar I mean literal cocktail bar, not “raising the bar”. AnYWayY.

The basement itself is not as creepy as it sounds. It’s super cosy down there, all decked out to look reminiscent of a living room. When we first visited, there was another couple sat down there, and also a group of 8 or so lads grabbing some food before they headed on a night out, so it’s a pretty versatile spot in terms of demographic. I really wish the food element had been in the bar back when I lived around there because honestly, they would have had absolutely all of my money. Finish at the uni library and go grab some cocktails and tacos? Yes please.

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Holy Mountain is actually run by a friend of ours, Harry, but I swear that doesn’t influence my bias when I say the food is incredible. It’s all made fresh, with an ever-changing creative menu, and it’s genuinely affordable. The main reason I wanted to give it a lil shoutout is because of their vegan options – they had quite a few on the board when we popped in, but we actually ended up getting a sharing platter which I think was around £12 or £15. Like I said, the menu and specials do tend to change, but we had some aubergine & mushroom tacos with loaded fries and the most unreal cauliflower wings. We’d actually eaten wings elsewhere earlier on in the day (it was a foodie weekend), and they didn’t compare to these ones in the slightest. Anyone who can make cauliflower taste good has my eternal respect.
It’s the perfect place to spend the evening, or even just to line your stomach and start your night there before you head out into town.

You can take a peek at their Instagram to see the general gist of the food, they often upload their current menu and prices so you know what you’re getting into. Also, they do Wing Wednesdays for £1 which includes the vegan ones! I’m a big fan if you couldn’t already tell.

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