Nude Jewellery just keep getting better and better – their latest exclusive, The Victoria Collection, is full of simple, delicate pendants and rings adorned with gorgeous gemstones.

With a choice between silver and gold chains – silver is just ever so slightly more in my price range – and a variety of gems from Amethyst and Blue Topaz, to Black Spinel and White Sapphire, there is truly something for everyone.


Not going to lie, I don’t quite get the opportunity to treat myself to a gift quite this beautiful on the reg, so when the super talented Nikki Galloway got in touch, I honestly tripped over myself (/approximately seven baby toys) to work on this collaboration.

The piece that caught my eye the most is the absolutely stunning Pink Tourmaline gemstone, draped on a white gold trace chain. So. Bloody. Beautiful.


In the end, I went with the the Majestic Black Spinel and Silver Pendant, as it is quite clearly the elegant goth necklace of dreams, and definitely suits my aesthetic the most. Or at least, the aesthetic that I like to pretend I have.
It’s beautiful and fancy, but also completely suitable for everyday wear which I love, and you bet your sweet ass I’ve been wearing it every day.


While we’re on the subject of Nude Jewellery, if I could also bring your attention to their bespoke Engagement Rings, which by the way, are some of the most outrageous rings I have ever seen, that would be great. Seriously, have a look. Are they not the most ridiculous and beautiful things you have ever seen? I want to inherit a great sum of money, buy every single one, and then wear them all at the same time.

Each piece is handmade to order, so if you’re looking for something truly special this Christmas, or Valentine’s day, or just your average Wednesday, then get involved and have a peek because this is such a wonderful brand run by such a wonderful lady!

Disclaimer: How did you guess? I got sent a complementary pendant in exchange for this lovely, honest, but entirely fangirling review. All views are my own, obviously, because nobody else has access to my blog. I hope.




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