Before you tell me that at 10 months, Remy is far too young to care about Christmas, let me stop you – I am fully aware. I know that anything and everything I do to make this Christmas special is really just for me, and that Remy is going to wake up on December 25th, shout at us, and then shit himself like any other day.

But there are tons of pros and cons about being a young mum, and I think the main one for me is that I am essentially going to be reliving my youth vicariously through Remy for the next 18 years (sorry, teenage Rem) – and that starts now. This Christmas! Suddenly, Santa is real once more, Yule logs taste superior to regular cake, and tinsel no longer seems (that) tacky.

The extra details me and Danny put into making Christmas magical will come at a later date – next year maybe, definitely the year after. The fake snow prints near the fireplace, the glittery reindeer food, you know the drill. Hopefully not Elf on a Shelf, I really don’t want to ever be that mum. But this year I’m still making a little (ok, a fair bit of) effort. I know he’s tiny and won’t remember any of this, but I am so eager to make every moment of his childhood special that I’m starting early!


A Letter From Santa*

48383628_1987363091342171_2041217721781190656_n (1).jpg

I’m not sure how often my parents got me the ‘proper’ letters from Santa… it might have been literally once, or it could have been every year. Regardless, I remember really believing it was the real deal. It looked the part, it sounded like Santa (whatever that means!) and I felt like the luckiest kid in the world. So now I’ve done the same for Remy! Yes, he can’t read, but he can look back at the letter in a few years and know that even as a baby he was on Santa’s Good List.

I used Magic Santa Letter for this – they gave the option for me to write the entire letter myself, but I have a dissertation to get on with, so I just used their template and filled in certain sections to personalise it. It also arrived with a “Good Baby” certificate, and some Reindeer Food which was a cute little touch.


Personalised Present Sack*


I couldn’t help myself when browsing their website – this is another one from Magic Santa Letter. I used to love coming down on Christmas morning and seeing a huge sack full of presents; I was a greedy, but grateful, child. We got one with Remy’s name on it so we can use the same one every year.


Festive Pyjamas


This one is mostly for the pictures – how else are we going to embarrass him when he’s older if we can’t dress him up like a little elf now? We got this onesie from ASDA, but there is tons of adorable stuff about at the moment. Mothercare even have a full on Santa outfit for kids, but I think we’ll save that one for next year because it’ll look super cute when he can toddle about.


Christmas Jumper


A gift from my mum, our poor child already has an Ugly Christmas Jumper. This is actually pretty cute as far as festive jumpers are concerned, but the idea is that me and Danny will also get some and we can have an adorable family photo that we update every year. I’m a sucker for traditions like this, as I love side-by-side comparison photos. We accidentally started a similar tradition for Halloween, as our Baby Announcement photo consisted of us holding up a pumpkin onesie. Cue Remy forever being forced to dress as a pumpkin so we can update the photos.


A Festive Tree Ornament

48272851_224478161777392_1800874040546557952_n (1).jpg

Again with the traditions, we’ve decided it will be nice to visit the Disney store every year and pick out one of their fancy little ornaments because we’re a very Disney-obsessed family. You can personalise them too, so this year we’ve got a little Remi from Ratatouille (yes, his namesake) personalised with “Our First Christmas” on the ribbon.


Disclaimer: Those marked with an asterisk were gifted, however the choice to post about the items was all mine x


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