Back in January, the lovely Emma from Emma’s Diary got in touch and asked if we’d like to participate in a baby photoshoot in a local studio run by Mark Swinford. You guys know I take photos of Remy at pretty much any chance I get, so I was all up for the chance to have some professional photos to take away, and partake in a new experience that we’d never done before.

We were sent a few emails over from the studio beforehand, just explaining when to arrive, what to bring etc. They advised bringing a few personal items like a teddy or book that he loves, to add a personal touch to some of the images, but to be honest he literally holds no personal value to anything yet – we’re still at the stage where the little monster lobs teddy bears on the floor and rips up any book he gets near.

We waited around at the studio for a bit once we’d arrived, and that’s when I started getting nervous; most of the images on the walls were of entire families, not just the children. Me and Danny were in no way prepared to be on camera, and I had to give him my “oh god soz hope you still love me” look, that I’ve actually had to do quite a lot since starting this blog. Soz, hope you still love me.


Once we’d gone into the studio where our session would be, and met Mark and his lovely assistant *who’s name has absolutely escaped me because I’m a terrible person who is writing this review two months too late*, I was put at ease because they were both so friendly and comfortable to be around, and above all, professional, of course, like how could I be embarrassed to have my photo taken by someone who literally does this every single day.

The session lasted around an hour I think, and I was super impressed with Remy during that time – I only got involved with maybe ten minutes worth of images and even I was sweaty and exhausted afterwards so I don’t know how everyone else managed an hour! I actually filmed our experience as part of this vlog, if you’re interested in seeing the experience more visually. They used tons of different props, background and lighting, to ensure the shots were all varied and there was lots to pick from after.


I think he said he took like 700 photos? Which is insane? By the time we went back for our viewing appointment a week later, they were narrowed down to around 100, and we went through them all split into different sections so that we could pick our favourites. We ended up with maybe 20 that we absolutely loved because in case you hadn’t realised, my baby is so god damn beautiful. I’ve put a couple of our favourites throughout this post, but believe me when I say it was nearly impossible to pick; the lighting was so gorgeous and Remy just looked so content and at ease in them all.

We also got automatically entered into Emma’s Diary’s Baby of The Month competition afterwards and ended up being the runners up! Going to pretend I’m not eternally disappointed that we didn’t win, but given that Remy looks like a 5 year old, it’s not likely that he’d be voted as cutest baby. Even though he 100% is.

Anyway that’s my lil review, let me know if you like these review type posts and I’ll try to do more! I’m aware I’ve completely abandoned my blog recently but I’m only two weeks off finishing uni and then I’ll be back to bother you all once more.




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