Anyone who knows me will be able to guess the reaction I had when I got an email inviting me to a Barburrito Masterclass a few weeks back. I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve been eating at Barburrito for like seven years. I actually remember sitting in the toilets there with my sister and telling her that I think I’m pregnant but I keep taking tests and I’m definitely not pregnant, which is kinda funny now because I definitely was pregnant. Anyway, point is, I love Barburrito and I went there yesterday for an event.


Little bit of context; Barburrito was the UK’s first burrito bar, setting up their Manchester branch back in 2005. Off the top of my head, all I know is that they exist in Manchester, Leeds and Nottingham, but they may be elsewhere too. They serve burritos, tacos, and nachos, all made with freshly prepared fucking delicious ingredients and I love them so much. Anyway.

The event was super cute! There were only a few of us there; me, Amy & Becky (and their +1’s. I didn’t have a +1 because my only mates are my boyfriend and my baby). The girls who work at Barburrito were super lovely and welcoming, and we just had a few drinks and chips while we waited for everyone to arrive/settle – all three of the salsas are vegan, and my favourite was definitely “medium”. I like a wee bit of a kick, but hot was just too hot and smoky for my preference, and the mild one was made up of chopped tomatoes and onion which I can appreciate but it’s not how I like my salsa. Medium pls.


We all got a little tasting platter with literally every single ingredient they serve so we could try them all by themselves before deciding what we wanted. Other than the meat and the cheese, everything else was safe for vegans and really good. I wasn’t a big fan of the slaw but that’s mostly because I hate cabbage, and that’s kinda the main ingredient.


We had a practice at rolling our own burritos, and then got to go up to the station and create our own, which was a dream because I knew it meant I could put unlimited amounts of mushrooms in there. If you’ve had Barburrito mushrooms, you know. I also felt super boujee helping myself to extra guac knowing I didn’t have to frantically check I had enough money in my purse. Honestly, whoever made the “guac costs extra” rule should be CURSED. Learning how to wrap the burritos was really fun too, honestly it’s the little things in life. Almost every time I go to order there, I audibly say “but how do they fit it all in the wrap?!” to whoever is beside me, and finally, finally, I know how they fit it all in. They literally just. Heat up the tortilla. That’s it. Makes it super flexible and easy to wrap, I’m sorry the burrito magic isn’t what we thought it was.


Anyway, my burrito was delicious; I got lime and coriander rice, spicy beans, mushrooms, guacamole, medium salsa, jalapenos and lettuce. You could also get their Sweet Potato Vegan Chilli, which I tried and it was lovely but I was too afraid to fuck with my usual order. You don’t mess with perfection.

They also bought over some churros after, which can be made vegan! The ones on the right are vegan, and you can dip them in the cinnamon sugar, but the cinnamon sugar churros themselves aren’t vegan – I’m assuming whatever they use to stick the sugar onto them contains dairy or whatever. Also, their caramel sauce has dairy in, so just the plain churros and cinnamon sugar but they were delicious nonetheless and I was grateful for the dessert option.


All in all, I had a really nice time at one of my favourite lunch spots with some gorgeous bloggers and the lovely Barburrito team! Would highly recommend a visit if you live local to one.




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